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One of the best parts of owning a truck is the huge amount of aftermarket support. Thanks to thousands of vendors and millions of combinations of modifications, no two trucks are the same. Let’s say you're interested in customizing your truck but you’re not interested in the extra leg work. Well, a Ford Dealership in Kansas has the perfect truck for you, the Sidewinder F-150.

Long McArthur Ford created the Sidewinder F-150 off-road package with the plan to accommodate the most popular F-150 modifications right from the dealership. The Sidewinder package includes a leveling kit, larger off-road tires, and a warranty.

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The most popular modification for modern pick-up trucks is a suspension leveling kit. These relatively simple kits are usually made up of a solid metal puck that is bolted to the top of the truck’s front strut assemblies. The struts are then reinstalled on the truck giving the front end a couple of inches of lift.

Modern trucks have a slightly higher suspension in the rear to assist with fuel economy and keep the truck level during extreme towing or hauling. Some owners do not like this raked stance since it makes it harder to fit larger tires on their trucks.

With a leveling kit installed McArther Ford was able to fit the OEM Raptor’s wheels and tires on a normal F150. These larger tires give the F-150 more off-road performance while adding some great styling. The Ford Raptor uses the BFG K02 tire which offers legendary offroad performance while retaining great on-road manners.

To complete the package there’s a 3/year 36,000mile warranty, sidewinder bed graphic, and full alignment. This complete package allows owners to buy a brand new F-150 with popular mods done right. Instead of working in your driveway or dealing with unknown shops, you can buy a tastefully modified truck right from a dealership.

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