When the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette was revealed in July, we learned about its various seating options. In short, the GT1 is a leather sport seat with basic power controls and plastic trim that's exclusive to the LT1 model. The GT2 seat adds carbon fiber trim, ventilation, extra room for a racing harness, and power lateral and lumbar support, and it's standard-issue for the LT2 and LT3 'Vettes. The optional top-of-the-line Competition seat looks similar to the GT2 seat, but it’s considerably more aggressive in terms of bolstering and is shod with a different cloth covering.

Chevy Dude on YouTube claims to have encountered something of an anomaly. The Competition seat on display doesn’t have power lumbar / bolster controls, but he says he attended an event where he saw a Competition seat with the controls, and Alcantara coverings to boot. His theory is that Chevy might offer a fourth seat option that bridges the hardcore nature of the Competition seat with some of the comfort features on the GT2 seat.

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Is there any merit to this? We’ve reached out to Chevrolet to see if we’re just dealing with preproduction design differences, which is a distinct possibility since everything we’ve seen thus far on the C8 is technically preproduction. Minor design changes between debut and production vehicles are commonplace in the industry, and that could well be what we’re seeing here. With three separate seat options already available, we’re struggling to justify the extra expense in creating a fourth option, and that probably means GM had the same concerns during the C8's development. If that's not enough of a head-scratcher for you, the video then hits us with a surprise fifth option that might come in 2021. The source for that seat is an anonymous “third party” that allegedly says a combination of the GT1 and GT2 seat could arrive as an upgrade for LT1 Corvettes.

We’ll conclude this article by advising everyone to take all of this with a grain of salt, and to Chevy Dude's credit, he offers the same advice in his video. It seems he’s clearly identified a difference in the upcoming Competition seat, but that could simply be a preproduction hiccup. As for what lies beyond, only time will tell.

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