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The Ford Bronco is a vehicle that’s right at home off road, but is it also comfortable at the drag strip? Robert Adamo decided to go his own way with this 1984 Bronco, fitting it with drag slicks instead of knobbies like you’d find on a Baja prerunner. The result is what you see here; a quarter-mile rocketship. 

Initially, the Bronco’s only power-adder was nitrous. In this configuration it was plenty capable of impressive passes, but that wasn’t enough for Adamo. He transferred to forced-induction to make his already fast Bronco even faster, and you know what? It worked.

Specifically, Adamo runs a ProCharger F2 centrifugal supercharger managed by a MoTec M1 ECU, which keeps all the power under control so as to not blow up the 411 cubic-inch small-block Ford V8. This new setup produces an insane 1,400 hp to the wheels, and it powers the bonkers Bronco to a 9.41-second quarter-mile run.

While a Bronco in drag racing attire is already off-the-charts cool, the fact that Adamo drives it on the street takes it to a whole new level. With the driving experience on the track being described as a handful, it must be borderline lethal on the street. What would you expect from a 1,400-hp Bronco?

Vehicles like Adamo’s Bronco are refreshing in a world where car modification can become so formulaic. It’s not a BMW M3 with a body kit, or a Jeep with some extra ground clearance. It’s genuinely interesting because it’s rare to see such a crazy Bronco built for such an insane purpose. 

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