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There is a small but vocal group of Motor1.com readers who aren’t particularly fond of the various vehicle renderings we sometimes feature. Friends, we want to let you know your voices are heard loud and clear, though if we’re honest, renderings are fantastic and our traffic stats tell us people love (or love to hate) them. That’s especially true when it comes to fish-out-of-water ideas like this off-road Lamborghini Gallardo. Here’s the thing – this isn’t a rendering. It’s a real freaking Lamborghini, and if you absolutely love it, there's even better news. You can buy it.

Sadly, we don’t have much information on this creation but we’re trying to dig up some details. It’s listed for sale at classic-youngtimers.com for €115,000, which translates to about $125,000 in U.S. currency. The sales contact is listed as being in The Netherlands, so presumably that’s where this car is located. The price is a bit above the going rate for an older Gallardo in the States, but it’s obviously not just any old Gallardo.

Gallery: 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Off-Road

Photos: classic-youngtimers.com

We have a message into the seller asking about the undercarriage, because we have so many questions. It looks like this could be a standard Gallardo underneath with just some spacers to lift the suspension ever-so-slightly. From there, a custom roof rack with a light bar above the windshield and spare tire on the engine cover are properly rally-spec. So are the two round driving lamps mounted low on the front fascia, and you can’t have an off-road supercar without big fender flares.

Sadly, the photos don’t show anything beneath the car or in the engine bay, but we do glimpse the interior and it looks like a proper 2004 Gallardo. This car has the E-Gear semi-automatic paddle-shift gearbox, and if the engine is still stock, the V10 should be good for 493 horsepower.

Classic-youngtimers.com has many more photos of this crazy Lambo that we suggest checking out. In the meantime, if we hear back from the group with more info on the build, we’ll jump into the article with an update.

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