It’s Friday. That is, we’re posting this article on Friday, though you may not read it until later. If that’s that the case, know that sometimes the team gets a little antsy for the weekend so we can enjoy a really good smoke. We aren’t talking cigarettes, or vape pens, or even a nice cigar. You know we’re all about tire smoke, and there aren’t many YouTube groups that do it better than Hoonigan.

This clip comes from Hoonigan Daily Transmission, where we’ve certainly seen our fair share of high-horsepower creations in recent months. This one is a bit different – okay, a lot different – in that it’s a short-wheelbase Jeep Wrangler riding on a big suspension lift and cleated 40-inch off-road tires. It’s something you’d expect to see crawling over rocks in the mountains, but instead, it’s atomizing rubber at the Hoonigan’s California playground. Then again, when you have a supercharged LS V8 under the hood making close to 1,000 horsepower, tires tend to go up in smoke rather easily.

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The mad scientist behind this build is Adam Maloney from Denton Racing, and to be clear, this Wrangler doesn’t have 1,000 ponies. The 7.0-liter LSX V8 only produces 930 hp, thanks to a host of racing-spec upgrades and a massive Whipple supercharger force-feeding the mill. Power is handled by a 4L80 four-speed automatic with a manual valve body so you can shift gears at will, operated by the driver through a custom shifter mounted in the Wrangler’s mostly stock interior. A custom transmission cooler with electric fans keeps the tranny from overheating, and it works like a boss. Even after minutes of merciless donuts and a massive burnout, the trans registered a cool 160 degrees.

The engine and transmission are just part of this all-encompassing build. The undercarriage is upgraded in pretty much every way for off-road fun, including the massive tires which give the narrow Jeep a 74-inch-wide stance. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you lift something as short as a Wrangler then festoon it with insane horsepower, that extra stability is really helpful. As the video shows, Maloney has no fear tossing the Jeep left or right for some seriously aggressive donuts. Or at least, he shows no fear.

It took four years to build, going through different stages pretty much every year to reach the level you see here. It’s awesome that he’s not afraid to properly exercise this monster, off-road or on.

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