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The first day of autumn has come and gone for those of us in the northern hemisphere, but it’s still quite hot in Death Valley, California. In fact, as of this article posting it’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit with an even hotter day in the forecast for tomorrow. That’s why automakers are still cruising the desert roads in this rather inhospitable location, and it’s why Carspotter Jeroen managed to catch the elusive Chevrolet Equinox in this short spy video.

We haven’t seen much of the Equinox, which entered the market in its current configuration back in 2017. That’s not much time in for a vehicle to be on sale, but in the extremely competitive and fast-paced SUV world, the Equinox is due for at least a facelift. That’s what we believe is happening here as opposed to a completely new machine, since the profile and window designs of this prototype match the current model.

The front fascia is where we expect to see the crux of the updates, and it remains well hidden under heavy covers. The changes won’t be revolutionary – the general shape of the grille appears the same though the design itself could adopt larger slats. Thinner headlights similar to the new Chevy Blazer are believed to be flanking the grille, and the lower fascia could have revised air intakes.

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Unfortunately, we’re not granted a close look at the front, but we are privy to a detailed view of the rear. New taillights are coming as this prototype sports a set of placeholder units, and minor design changes to the rear gate are possible as a result. This prototype has cutouts in the bumper for twin trapezoid exhaust outlets, which is the same setup available on the current Equinox equipped with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This test vehicle only has one exhaust tip, however, suggesting a possible fascia update for different Equinox trim levels.

With just a few sightings under our belt, and with this vehicle rocking placeholder taillights, GM is likely still in the early testing phase. We’ve heard nothing about interior or powertrain updates, but given the minor changes we’ve see thus far, don’t expect much difference between the current and forthcoming models.

Right now, our best guess for an Equinox reveal is sometime later next year.

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