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The Chevrolet Camaro's future seems in doubt, but a new rendering from The Sketch Monkey what would happen if the Bowtie's designers take a radical direction by making the next generation look like the model's third iteration. The final result retains the major cues of the original design but with a more modern grille and headlights.

The Sketch Monkey says that his concept behind this rendering is to blend a modernization of the third-gen Camaro with a complete redesign. He makes the car's lines more angular and gets rid of some of the elements that are no longer in fashion, like the massive turn signals in the front fascia.

Not having a body-color panel between the headlights takes away from one of the third-gen Camaro's signature styling cues. The Sketch Monkey's idea makes the car look a little like the Chevy Monte Carlo SS from the 1980s.

Gallery: Third-generation Chevy Camaro spy photos

Recent spy photos (above) suggest that Chevy might have plans for the third-gen Camaro in the near future – at least for the aftermarket. The odd vehicle had a roll cage, and people who heard the vehicle indicated that it sounded like there was a six-speed manual – a feature the company never offered from the factory. The car wore a GM Performance Parts badge on the lower front fender and rear bumper suggesting the division was developing some new components for the old model.

The current speculation suggests that Chevy would discontinue the current Camaro after 2023. Later, the company would allegedly revive the nameplate as a sporty EV. If this actually happens, then don't expect the electric Camaro to arrive at the same time as the existing version's retirement.

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