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By now we’ve seen hundreds of C8 mid-engined Corvette photos, from renderings to reveal shots, stock automaker photos, on-road sightings, and the list goes on. However, this is the first time we’ve seen the new ‘Vette like this. Until we get our hands on a proper David Kimble cutaway sketch, this full-size cutout is some straight-up eye candy for folks who love to see the inner workings of a car.

The clip comes to us from Chevy Dude on YouTube, and it features not just a peeled away look at the new supercar, but cutaway versions of its engine and transmission on separate stands. As for the car, this unique perspective offers all kinds of insight into how designers reinvented the Corvette, from the tub chassis to suspension components and the various aero components designed to channel air to the engine as well as the brakes.

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The video focuses a few times on the C8’s large center tunnel, which is certainly expansive to say the least. The narrator mentions how it looks big enough for a drive shaft coming to the front wheels, which raises an interesting question. The rumored 1,000-horsepower (745-kilowatt) all-wheel-drive Corvette is believed to be a hybrid model with either one or two electric motors up front, driving the front wheels. Such an arrangement wouldn’t require a drive shaft, but there’s no denying the considerable space we see in this cutaway. Could a non-hybrid AWD Corvette be on the drawing board? Only time will tell.


Following the C8 tour, the camera goes to the Tremec eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox which is opened up to see its cogs and other components. The updated LT2 V8 engine is also displayed in a similar fashion, giving performance fans a detailed look at the C8’s 490-hp (365 kW) heart. Anyone who thinks a single cam-in-block pushrod engine is somehow less sophisticated than a larger DOHC mill with more moving parts needs to take a close look at the engineering for this V8. It’s not a better or worse way to make power, just a different way. And it’s bloody brilliant.

The next step in the C8 world is the new convertible. It will be revealed on October 2, and will be there.

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