Volkswagen will be firing off the next salvo of its BlueMotion initiative at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

Premiere at Frankfurt

At 4,5 liters of diesel per 100km, the new Golf BlueMotion is the most economical Golf... ever! But besides its amazing fuel consumption, CO2 levels are greatly reduced to 119g/km as well. The Bluemotion range now has its fourth model, more are to follow at the 62nd IAA in Frankfurt. Alongside the extended BlueMotion range, the Tiguan and City Expert will be making their debuts.

The Golf BlueMotion is powered by a 1.9 liter TDI and is capable of covering over 1200km on a full tank of gas (55 liter). Longer gear ratios in third, fourth and fifth, coupled with a lower idling speed reduce consumption by 0.2 liter. The decrease in CO2 emissions is in part reliant on light-running tires (195 / 65 R 5), optimized for low rolling resistance with higher air pressure (up 0.3 bar). All these environmentally friendly features and the Golf BlueMotion still manages a higher, electronically limited top speed of 190km/h.

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