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It took Toyota about 17 years and BMW as a partner to come out with a new Supra, but as the saying goes, better late than never. The Japanese marque is also taking its sweet time engineering a next-generation 86 considering the current car co-developed with Subaru has been around for more than seven years. A new one is definitely coming eventually, and it looks like it’ll be well worth the wait based on a recent statement made by chief engineer Tetsuya Tada.

Speaking with Australian magazine WhichCar, the Toyota representative revealed there's a “new 86 team” and the goal is to make the second generation of the rear-wheel-drive coupe better to drive than the new Supra. Interestingly, Tada says customers are actually expecting the 86 to be more thrilling than the A90, therefore Toyota wants to create “a new 86 that surpasses the Supra.”

Toyota has updated the current-gen 86 repeatedly thorough special versions like the Hakone and the TRD Handling Package, but fans of the nimble coupe are eager to see what the company is preparing for its successor. Tada refused to go into any details about the car, although latest intel from Japan suggests the new 86 along with its BRZ sibling could make the switch from the current 2.0-liter engine to a larger 2.4-liter unit sourced from the Subaru Ascent.

If that’s the case, the jury is still out whether it will be naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with the former version rumored to boast 230 hp while the latter with forced induction could make 260 hp like in the SUV. Regardless of the scenario, a healthy power boost over the much-criticized 205 hp of the current Toyobaru will be more than welcome.

There’s also the matter of platforms, with the current 86 riding on a modified Subaru Impreza architecture. That could change for the next gen as there’s a report indicating the car will migrate to Toyota’s TNGA platform since Subaru’s latest Global Platform (SGP) can’t allegedly be modified to create a rear-wheel-drive car. Interestingly, some are saying the 86 and its BRZ twin could transition to Mazda’s new rear-wheel-drive platform, which would be truly interesting.

Beyond the new GR Supra and a next-gen 86, Toyota is also planning a smaller (but not cheaper) sports car while working on the GR Super Sport hypercar with nearly 1,000 horsepower.

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