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You might remember Jackie Ding from a recent video of him looking at the fake vents on the body of his Toyota Supra. In a new clip, things don't go too well for him and his car because sliding off the track possibly leads to writing off the Supra.

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Ding starts off the video by showing off some new Yokohama Advan performance tires for his car. He then cuts to a view in the Supra's cockpit during the second session of a track day. According to the text on the screen, he's "still not even pushing."

Even when not going ten-tenths, even the slightest error can cause heartache at the track, and this quickly happens to Ding. Judging by the video and his comments, he runs wide during what appears to be a double-apex, left corner, and the resulting lack of traction causes the whole car to slide onto the grass. Ding knows things are going bad and screams an expletive. The camera goes flying when the Supra sideswipes into the tire barrier.

The damage doesn't look catastrophic, but the impact is enough to cause the steering wheel and side-impact airbags to deploy. Ding also reports that the car also automatically calls the police during the incident. The body damage includes scrapes and rips in the front bumper and hood. Crinkles run down the driver door and rear fenders. Ding isn't sure about the mechanical damage at this point.

At the end of the clip, he's contrite and knows that his driving mistake is the cause of the damage. He suggests that if the car is repairable, then he intends to fix it. If that's not possible, another new Supra might be the solution.

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