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While Minneapolis has imposed a ban on new drive-thrus in its city, a man from Palatine, Illinois decided to have a different take on drive-thrus on one Friday afternoon.

As reported by ABC7 Chicago news, a 22-year-old man, who was driving a Chevrolet Trailblazer, drove through a mall in Schaumburg. According to the police, the SUV entered Sears through Rainforest Cafe then drove into the common area and stopped in the mall's center court. Witnesses mentioned that the SUV almost hit children during its ingress but thankfully, only three people were dealt with very minor injuries, even with the SUV pinballing within the mall's premises, as seen on the video. Police said that there were no major injuries caused directly by the SUV.


As for the suspected driver, he was detained by witnesses and two off-duty officers before the police arrived. The ABC7 I-Team spoke to the culprit's family wherein the man's father said that his son has a health condition and needed medication, without discussing what the condition is. 

The police have confirmed that this isn't a terrorist attack and that there was no shooting involved. They also didn't have any prior encounter with the suspect before the incident. A witness mentioned that the young man appeared to be coherent and didn't display remorse or emotion. He didn't resist the police during arrest, as well.

The mall acknowledged the report by the police and release the following official statement saying, "The authorities believe this to be an isolated incident involving one person who has been arrested. We are grateful no one was injured, and thank our security team and the police for their quick response."

The Schaumburg police are currently investigating the incident with the help of the FBI. The agency, however, confirmed that the incident isn't a threat to public safety at this time.

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