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These days, the world is used to seeing larger-than-life pickup trucks. Even unmodified base model pickups generally have a bit of room behind the seat and a longer bed, but 20 years ago you could get a relatively small full-size pickup. By that, we mean a single-cab truck with absolutely no space behind the seat, connected to a short flareside bed. As a result, the driver and passenger basically sat square in the middle, which leads us to this hilarious and slightly unnerving video from ViralHog on YouTube.

According to the video description, this is Ron’s Chevy pickup. We know nothing about Ron, other than he apparently lives near Cape Cod, Massachusetts and he spent four years flipping the body around on his truck. The specific year isn’t mentioned, but it looks to be a late 1980s/early 1990s half-ton stepside, back when Silverado wasn’t the truck’s name, but the top trim level for the C/K range.

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The description claims this truck is fully legal for Massachusetts, which means it has all the proper mirrors and lights working as they should. The headlights are repurposed as reverse lights, with the truck’s formerly orange parking lamps now shining red for taillights, brakes, and turn signals. Unfortunately we aren’t granted a look at the back front to see how the headlights are incorporated, nor can we see how the engine is kept cool without a big ol’ Bow Tie grille directing air. Perhaps it uses one of those air-net tailgate things that were so popular back in the ‘90s? That would certainly be appropriate.

The pickup is said to look completely stock until you get up close to it, at which point it becomes clear that something is amiss with the interior. It’s certainly an attention-getter, and we love crazy projects like this, but at risk of sounding like a buzzkill, we can also see this truck being a frightening distraction for some motorists. Here’s hoping Ron enjoys the hell out of his cool build, but we also hope he exercises some caution when out-and-about.

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