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If you’re not excited for this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, here’s a reason to get the adrenaline going. Evasive Motorsports will be showcasing a new Toyota Supra fitted with a widebody kit that will be available for purchase. The renderings below come from a designer known on Facebook as Jonsibal, and the look certainly spices up Toyota’s reborn sports car.

We don’t have any details about the kit, and admittedly, looks are purely a subjective interpretation. That said, we think the new Supra is begging for a widebody makeover, and this kit seems to add just enough aggression without overreaching into the realm of insanity. That is, with the flared fenders anyway – the spoiler-on-spoiler action is rather extreme, though it’s not like we’ve never seen a Supra with a larger-than-life wing at the back. The big front fascia makes a statement as well, though compared to the wing it actually looks mild.


When we said this is a reason to get your adrenaline going for SEMA, we weren’t referring to just this car. The 2019 SEMA Show will be the first in which a fifth-generation Toyota Supra exists, and you can bet every penny hiding under the backseat of your hot hatchback that the show floor will be packed with custom Supra projects. The A80 Supra was arguably the tuner vehicle of choice during its reign through the 1990s and 2000s – the A90 assuming its place in the aftermarket hierarchy is as inevitable as Thanos.

If anything, we’re surprised we haven’t seen more upcoming Supra projects for SEMA. We suspect that will start to change in the next few weeks, as this year’s event is slated to kick off on November 5. Still, kudos to Evasive Motorsports for landing the first A90 Supra SEMA project in our digital pages.

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