Shown in profile, the svelte Sports Coupe Concept reveals classic lines coupled with a lengthened cabin design that can accommodate four adults in comfort.

Premiere at Frankfurt

Still no word on what the Euro styled Kia Sports Coupe will be called but we can bring you a second teaser image of the car. Designed by the European office, led by Peter Schreyer, who is best known for his career at Audi (TT roadster and the 1997 Audi A6) before moving to Volkswagen in 2002 where he worked on the Concept R.

“The new Sports Coupe Concept is a clear and emphatic statement that the future of the Kia brand is set to be one that will excite and surprise an entirely new audience of consumers,” commented Peter Schreyer.

The 4.3 meter long coupe which seats 4 people will be the first step towards a new Kia design language, featuring many design elements which will spill over to the entire Kia range. Peter Schreyer reckons that the concept could be a landmark vehicle for Kia.

"It would have been easy to present an extreme supercar at Frankfurt that would attract plenty of attention, but could have no place in Kia’s future.“ Added Peter Schreyer.

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