The DS brand is preparing to launch an even larger sedan that would sit at the top of the brand's lineup, and these spy shots are our first look at a test mule of it. The model's name is somewhat of a mystery, though. All indications suggest the moniker in Europe is DS 8. However, a recent story from Auto Home catches an undisguised test mule in China, and this one has a DS 9 badge on the back.

The sedan has a lot of presence in these photos. The dazzle-style camouflage can't hide the vehicle's large size. The front has a large grille, and there are comparatively small LED headlights in the corners.

Gallery: DS 8 Spy Shots

The DS 8's profile really shows off its big size. Given the girth of the body, the windows appear somewhat small. The roofline is mostly flat, which should provide plenty of room for anyone sitting in the back.

The rear end has skinny LED taillights, and there are a pair of exhaust outlets emerging from cutouts at the bottom of the bumper. However, these pipes seem like placeholders because they look too small and don't completely fill the holes.

The rendering below provides an idea of how the model might look once the camouflage comes off.

Gallery: DS 8 render

The DS 8 reportedly rides on the Peugeot-Citroën's EMP2 platform that's underneath the Peugeot 508. The company would position the model as a premium vehicle that would compete against products like the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series.

The DS 8 should arrive in 2020, and it should be available in Europe and China. The Auto Home story says that the powertrain for the Asian market is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine making a total of 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts).

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