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A woman in California recently had a terrifying experience while driving a new Chevrolet Camaro when she collided with a pickup truck and took a 200-foot (60.96-meter) plunge off of a cliff. Despite the crash and subsequent fall off the side of the road, there were no injuries.


The crash occurred around 9:00 PM local time on Highway 175 near Hopland, California. Firefighters arrived at the scene, and four of them used ropes to lower themselves down the mountain. They found the woman in the Camaro, which was against a tree. "That stopped her from rolling 1,000 feet to the bottom; it’s so steep," Hopland Fire Chief Mitch Franklin told The Press Democrat, a local newspaper in the area. The rescuers then helped the woman back up the slope.

The three people were in the pickup truck, and they also didn't sustain injuries.

Rumors suggest that Chevrolet might be preparing to axe the Camaro from the lineup for the second time in the model's history. The sports coupe allegedly only has a future within the company until 2023. After that, Chevy might retire the vehicle and not introduce a new generation of it.

The company isn't officially confirming this plan yet, but the evidence is making the prospect seem more likely. For example, the Bowtie let its trademark on the IROC-Z name lapse. While not currently part of the Camaro line, this moniker has an important place in the vehicle's history. Abandoning it could be a hint that Chevy doesn't believe that the branding is worth keeping because the Camaro isn't going to be around much longer.

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