Designed to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, the Veneno is a €3 ($3.8) million limited edition that makes the McLaren P1 and Ferrari F70 look pathetic and plebeian.

Named after an infamous bull that fatally wounded José Sánchez Rodríguez during a bullfight in 1914, the Veneno is a carbon fiber masterpiece that provides "exceptional dynamics" and "optimum downforce with minimal drag." As such, the Veneno has an aerodynamic body with large air channels that direct the air flow up and away from the car. Key highlights include Y-shaped headlights, scissor doors and enormous intakes. There's also a massive diffuser, an adjustable rear wing and a four-tailpipe exhaust system. Other notable features include exclusive alloy wheels and a ventilated engine cover with a large central “shark” fin that improves stability and provides additional downforce.

Each model will have a metallic grey exterior with visible carbon fiber sections and tri-color accents which pay tribute to the Italian flag. The Geneva show car - which is a test prototype - will be the only model with all three colors, while customer cars will each have one of the three colors.

The bespoke styling carries over to the cabin as the Veneno is equipped with a new instrument cluster, Forged Composite seats and woven carbon-fiber CarbonSkin trim.

An Aventador-sourced 6.5-liter V12 engine powers the model, but in this application it has been tuned to produce 750 HP (552 kW). It is connected to a seven-speed ISR transmission and a permanent all-wheel drive system. This enables the 1,450 kg (3,190 lbs) supercar to rocket from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 355 km/h (220 mph).

Only three units will be sold to customers and they have already been spoken for.

Check out the press release for additional information

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