Mitsubishi has prepared the G4 Compact Sedan Concept for the 34th edition of the Bangkok International Motor Show which starts on March 25.

While the CA-MiEV and GR-HEV concepts will be shown tomorrow in Geneva, the G4 will be showcased later this month. It serves as a preview for a global compact sedan which will be launched soon. It uses the firm's upcoming design approach with a dynamic character line and a short nose, while the "graceful and flowing side proportions" balance the interior space.

The Mitsubishi G4 concept benefits from a reinforced impact safety evolution (RISE) body which uses a lot of high-tensile steel to lower the car's curb weight and make it more fuel-efficient. Power comes from a compact and lightweight 1.2-liter MIVEC engine linked to a CVT.

Read the press release below for further details.

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