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As rumors pile up that Lamborghini intends to create a higher-performance version of the Urus, a new spy video adds fuel to the fire by possibly providing our first glimpse of the model's development. At the beginning of this clip, there's even a great chance to hear the engine.

There's almost nothing identifying this as a hotter Urus, except if you look at the back. There are still quad exhaust outlets – two on each side – but the pipes appear to have a slightly larger diameter. Admittedly, this could just be a trick of the camera angle.

An odd sight in this spy video is seeing the Urus slow down and roll slowly through a corner. The reason for this is a mystery, though. The crossover resumes its normal, brisk speeds in other laps, so there doesn't appear to be a mechanical issue.

Gallery: 2020 Lamborghini Urus Performante rendering

The model allegedly goes under the Urus Performante moniker and is still around two years away from debuting. While not visible in this spy video, the vehicle allegedly has tweaks like more power, less weight, and revised aerodynamics so that the crossover can accelerate more quickly and corner more nimbly. The rendering above provides a view of what we are expecting from the road-going version.

Other info suggests that the high-performance Urus could take styling inspiration from the ST-X Concept (gallery below). The vehicle imagined a track-focused version of the crossover with a roll cage, chassis stiffening, and weight reduction through the use of carbon fiber components.

Gallery: Lamborghini Urus ST-X

The powertrain is allegedly a tuned version of the existing twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8. The upgraded mill reportedly doesn't make use of hybridization to make more power. The horsepower output would top the existing 641 horsepower (478 kilowatts) and 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters).






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