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The Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways is the ultimate version of the luxury camper company's already high-end product, and the new Wave Bespoke Edition is an extra special model with opulent, yachting-inspired finishes throughout the interior. At 26 feet (7.925 meters) long, there's plenty of room for occupants to spread out inside and enjoy a comfortable vacation.

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The styling for the cabin includes lots of wood, including a mix of walnut and birch. Bowlus also uses a combination of Marina Del Rey Blue and Main Sail White around the cabin to evoke the nautical motif. The upholstery looks like suede but is actually an organic, vegan material. Anodized aluminum trim brings a little of the shiny exterior inside the trailer. The sleeping area comes with Oyster and Bastion Blue linen blankets.

In addition to the unique finishes, Bowlus adds some special features to the Road Chief Endless Highways Wave Bespoke Edition. The weirdest among them are meteorological instruments for keeping track of the weather. The company also paints the wheels black and includes table linens. A Bowlus-branded journal lets people record memories of their adventures.

When owners are camping off the grid, there's a 2,000-watt inverter, 4 kilowatt-hour lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, and an 80 amp per hour fast charger. Occupants can control the system via Bluetooth. A solar panel is an additional option.

The exterior has the shiny appearance of the rest of the Road Chief lineup. The riveted panels are 2024 aircraft-grade aluminum, and Bowlus completes them with a hand-polished mirror finish.

The Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways Wave Bespoke Edition starts at $225,000. The company says that the camper is available in very limited quantities, so act quickly if you have the cash and want to take a trip in these luxurious surroundings.

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OXNARD, CA – Bowlus Road Chief is the original aluminum travel trailer, created by the aviation legend Hawley Bowlus in 1934. Hawley Bowlus is the grandfather of gliding and soaring in America, the extreme sport of its day. He designed the original Bowlus Road Chief to provide shelter during soaring adventures that took him throughout California in the 1930s with celebrities, including Charles and Anne Lindbergh.

The modern Bowlus Road Chief shares its design DNA with its ancestor but is completely reimagined for the modern adventurer. The Endless Highways is the ultimate expression of Bowlus Road Chief's line of adventure-ready vehicles.

Geneva Long, CEO, and her design team have taken the Bowlus Road Chief, which is over-engineered for maximum performance and truly obsesses over every detail.

The Wave Bespoke Edition was conceived by Long with inspiration from the world of racing yachts and exudes the romance of travel. The exterior is solid 2024 aircraft-grade aluminum, fit to a 1/1000 of an inch before being painstakingly polished by hand to a mirror finish. Walnut, birch and anodized aluminum adorn the interior, creating visual and tactile contrasts for the owner. Classic forms and shapes surround the owners in the most beautiful highest-performing materials in the world.

The Bowlus exhibits unparalleled control in both road and trail performance as a result of its exceptional aerodynamic shell, lightweight and low center of gravity. The patented shape delivers high performance and very safe road handling characteristics and can be towed by the widest variety of vehicles of any travel trailer, including EV's.

Bowlus adventurers can also access amazing locations only available to off-road vehicles. The travel trailer features high ground clearance, an independent torsion suspension and a low center of mass. The exterior reflective finish blends the Bowlus Road Chief into any surroundings and is incredibly stealthy in a natural environment.

On the interior, the seating fabric is an organic, vegan, matte texture that resembles a soft, supple, suede. A texture that is inspired by the yachting industry, our Marina Del Rey Blue is inspired by the dramatic California coast. A stunning, Main Sail white was brought into the seating for the contrast piping, tying together the interior in ways never seen before.

Marina Del Rey Blue is found in the bedroom with scrumptious headboards, a Bowlus Road Chief first. The headboards mirror the Road Chief's trademarked curves and make this zen bedroom even cozier and perfect for relaxation. Specialty 100% linen bedding combined oyster and bastion blue to perfectly complement this yacht-inspired Road Chief.

For the first time, the Bowlus Road Chief spine, that spans from the signature front door to the delightful tail, has been made in aluminum with gorgeous piping in Marina Del Rey Blue. This sueded texture next to the anodized aluminum truly brings you eye to the Road Chief best-in-class floorplan and elongated size at 26-feet. The signature birch wood flooring has been upgraded to yacht-quality Walnut & Holly to match the specialty Walnut wood tables.

In terms of additional special features, there are mounts for tablets for streaming both in the bedroom and living room. Fine meteorological instruments harken to the bridge of a ship and further complement the theme. A mounted Bowlus Road Chief branded journal is ready to record all of the owners' fantastic adventures. Table linens complement the theme. Aluminum Wheels are painted black, so the Road Chief appears to "float" above the road. Distinctive badging marks it as a Bespoke Road Chief.

The electrical power system is designed for long term off-grid adventurers. The marine-specced pure sine 2,000W inverter, 80A/hr fast charger and 4 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries ensure an impressive amount of power for extended 7-day remote adventures. The entire power management system is connected via Bluetooth so that all important data is easily accessible on your smartphone. With the optional solar panel, The Road Chief allows virtually unlimited off-grid time. And when not in use, the panel stows away inside the shell.

This very special Bowlus Road Chief is available in an extremely limited quantity for $225,000.

Discerning buyers can commission custom builds to express their personality with Ms. Long, who uses holistic design principles to provide inspiration and delight the owners of these Bespoke Limited Editions. For additional information or to schedule a FaceTime or showroom appointment, please contact Bowlus Road Chief at 702-762-9137 or visit


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