Pagani has provided additional explanations about the tire issue during Top Gear test.

Pagani has provided additional explanations about the tire controversy during Top Gear Power Lap competition.

When asked by Jalopnik why the Huayra had no "P-Zero Corsa" branding on the tires as well as a different pattern, Pagani replied they used two types of tires for the Top Gear test track footage: the regular Corsas and the Zonda R-derived Trofeo tires.

The reason why Pagani said they only used Corsa tires in the press release was because they wanted "to push them on the media." Pagani added all Pirelli tires used for the Huayra are derived from the ones mounted on the Zonda R. Since those modified Trofeo tires are legal, Pagani did not cheat during the Top Gear test but they should have been clearer right from the beginning.

Although those custom Trofeo tires are street legal, Pagani says these shouldn't be used in heavy rain. Based on the record-breaking lap, we assume they used modified Trofeos for the Power Lap, while for anything else Corsas were mounted.

Pagani confirms using two sets of tires on Top Gear