Remember the abandoned Subaru dealer in Malta, where a bunch of never driven vehicles from the 1980s and 1990s were hiding? Back in February 2018, our colleagues from Cars Addiction shared an exclusive video, showing several untouched 20-year-old Subarus at a showroom in the city of Mosta. While we still don’t have the exact details surrounding the mystery dealer, there’s a new video showing even more cars are parked there now.

Aside from a few more models of the Japanese manufacturer, including a Forester, an Impreza wagon, and a Justy, there are also a number of surprises. Next to the said white Impreza station wagon is an Audi 80 sedan in what appears the be a pre-facelift form. If this assumption is correct, this means the car is produced between 1986 and 1992, which turns it into a nice youngtimer. Also new to the collection is a dark red Legacy sedan but this one is probably in a used condition.

Gallery: Abandoned Subaru Dealer In Malta

As the video also shows, for reasons unknown, there’s a red Volkswagen Beetle that’s missing some exterior components. It’s obviously not new and is in total contrast to the rest of the unused Subarus. Speaking of them, the white Impreza and green Legacy from the previous clip are still there in the very same condition as before. The same can be said for the white Subaru XT Turbo, quite a rare sight these days especially in such great shape. The good news is that it seems the sports coupe has been washed so someone is probably taking care of that car.

Meanwhile, the folks from Cars Addition are working on a new video filmed at another dealer in the town that’s currently operating and offering classic and youngtimer vehicles. Make sure to watch this space as we will definitely share the new clip that’s “coming soon.”

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