Lamborghini has released a detailed press release following its unveiling to the press this evening. Starting off, it seems Lamborghini is having a bit of an identity crisis with the Estoque. They begin describing it as extreme, uncompromising, low and broad, razor-sharp and unmistakably Italian. But then deflate the vivid imagery with “everyday sports car”. Then they come back to reality acknowledging that the terms sports sedan is an inadequate classification, and the Estoque fits in a new category of super sports sedans.

Despite the schizophrenic intro, the Estoque is nonetheless a very exciting vehicle as one of the top attractions for the Paris motor show. Besides an exhaustive account of the vehicle's design, not many technical details are given except that the Estoque follows a front mid-engine layout, seats four adults very comfortably and has enough cargo space for several golf bags.

Lamborghini ponders a range of drivelines that could be available for the Estoque such as the Gallardo LP 560-4's V10, turbocharged V8, another V8 but with a hybrid module and an extremely high-performance diesel engine.

Lamborghini states the Estoque is purely a concept car at this time. However, the technical feasibility of the body shell and driveline make it possible for a third model series within the Lamborghini product line-up. No decisions of any kind have been taken, yet.

See press release below for more details.

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