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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been pretty open about his desire to have a Russian-made presidential limo, but a recent report is indicating he wasn't exactly thrilled with ZiL's proposal.

This has reportedly encouraged GAZ and Marussia Motors to come up with their own proposals in an attempt to sway the former KGB operative in their direction. The GAZ model is slated to be based on the Audi A8 or Volkswagen Phaeton, while Marussia is considering several concepts submitted by readers of the website.

As you can imagine, the designs run the gambit from stunning to just plain weird. While everyone will have their own opinion, the designs by Sasha Gusev, Alexander Bukarev and Yaroslav Yakovlev / Bernard Weel stand out as a modern reinterpretation of the iconic ZiL limos from the Soviet era.

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