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A new Volkswagen Golf will debut in just a few weeks’ time from now. Unfortunately, it will be available only in Europe during its first model year, as customers in the United States will be stuck with the outgoing Golf for one more year. And while Volkswagen is cutting the base Golf versions in America, the Canadian division of the German brand will continue offering the entry-level hatchback when it arrives in North America.

During the first six months of this year, VW Canada sold 6,201 base Golfs, which means more than 70 percent of all Golf sales in the country come from the more affordable versions. Given that, it’s not a huge surprise VW Canada wants this car in its lineup for the new generation model as well.

“We put our foot down and said, ‘We do really well with the Golf, and we need this car.’ So the decision has been made that Canada will receive the Golf,” VW Canada spokesman, Thomas Tetzlaff, confirmed to Automotive News Canada.

In the first half of the year, Volkswagen also delivered about 2,400 Golf wagons including the Golf SportWagen and the Golf Alltrack. The two are basically dead in the United States now but will soldier on for another year on the Canadian market. The company aims to sell the 2019 models in 2020 even after production of the two vehicles is over.

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“We see opportunity to continue this,” Tetzlaff commented. “VW Canada does not exist in a vacuum. We’re very tied to [the United States], and when product decisions are made, one side affects the other.”

At this point, it is not clear whether the new Golf MK8 will be offered as a wagon in Canada. In the United States, the new model will arrive only in GTI and R trims and there’s no decision about Canada yet.

“The wagon is not in the planning round for the next generation yet,” Tetzlaff added. “We still don’t know exactly when the timing will be for the next generation of the Golf. It’s a very unique situation where the U.S. and Canada are planning things differently.”

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Photo by: Steven Ewing
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