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Sorry McLaren Senna owners in the United States, there's a recall for your hypercar because damage to the wiring harness can cause the engine to stall. The problem affects 129 vehicles, which are all of the deliveries in the country prior to August 8, 2019. 

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According to McLaren's recall report, a portion of the wiring harness can come into contact "with a metal link pipe heatshield." Over time, this can chafe the harness and expose the wires inside of it.

Depending on which wire is damaged, there can be different results. The potential issues include entering limp home mode, torque limitation, stalling, engine misfire, and unburnt fuel entering the catalytic converter, which could damage it.

McLaren examined a test sampling of 61 Sennas and found 15 percent of them had some level of chafing to the harness. None of the vehicles in this sample had enough damage to the actual wiring inside the harness to cause an engine problem, though.

In the recall report, the automaker specifies that it "is not aware of any incidents in the field, warranty claims or customer complaints involving engine harness chaffing."

McLaren discovered this issue on August 1, 2019, when an inspection of a customer's vehicle showed chafing on the outer sleeve of the engine wiring harness. The company began an investigation and found this wasn't an isolated incident.

To fix the problem, McLaren technicians will re-route the harness. The company's statement to dealers says that the repair should require 1.85 hours to complete.

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