According to the Italian Metal Workers Unions, FCA is investing over $1Billion on infrastructure and plants across Italy. FCA’s plan starts at their Pomigliano plant near Naples where they will focus on the production of hybrid and electric vehicles.

FCA wants to become the dominant force in the hybrid and electric compact SUV segment. The plan is to use the Pomigliano plant to build a hybrid version of the popular Fiat Panda alongside the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale. This plan allows FCA to cast a wider net of green product offerings while only utilizing one location. 

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Tonale concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Production of the hybrid Fiat Panda is expected to start in early 2020 with the Tonla to follow in 2021. Alfa’s Tonale SUV will slate below the current Stelvio SUV and offer customers a premium green compact SUV. 

When Alfa Romeo introduced the Tonale SUV at the Frankfurt Autoshow, the company explained that it would be a crucial part of their future electric vehicle range. Alfa wants the Tonale to retain great driving dynamics of the Stelvio while using an electric drivetrain. 

With the growing capacity to build electric and hybrid SUVs, we’d expect some of FCA’s other product offerings to see some build time at Pomigliano. With the growing powertrain lineup for Jeeps to include electric and hybrid options, it would make sense to tap into this established expertise. 

In addition to the huge investment at Pomigliano, FCA is investing $700 million in the Mirafiori plant in Turin. This investment will allow FCA to prepare for the upcoming 2020 electric Fiat 500. 

Thanks to this large investment from FCA, Italy will soon produce a huge number of electrified vehicles. This plan will allow FCA to move their brands into the future of car tech while offering consumers a more eco-friendly vehicle.

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