ABT has tuned the Audi RS6 Quattro Avant to 700 bhp, 800Nm. Sprint time is 3.9 seconds 0 - 100, top speed is 320km/h. Fastest wagon on earth? Certainly one of them!

“How do we increase the word ‘car’” is the question asked at the ABT when they first laid eyes on the Audi RS6. For Christian Abt and the team the answer was simple enough: ‘car’ becomes ‘fast car’ when made better. And fast car is the ABT RS6. Audi RS6 is already a fast car but that really isn’t enough in these days of more and more is it? In that vein ABT has created something of a super-combi without going bananas in the styling department. The car seems to place function over form, like the wing which is not just for show but actually serves to reduce lift. Twenty inches of bling wheel don the tyres, suspension is lower and the front spoiler is different as well. Apart from this, very little else sets it apart. Apart from the fast lane.

Here ABT RS6 will reach a sweet 320km/h which it would have attained from a standstill position, going past 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. How quick is the regular RS6? Try 4.5 seconds from naught to 100. Serving up this grateful supply of speed to ABT RS6 is the same V10 TFSI lab experiment of some 580 bhp/ 426kW standard. ABT turns it into a nuclear experiment to sustain a smile-inducing 700 bhp/ 515kW and 800Nm, from 2400 rpm right up to 6100rpm. The car then becomes more than just an outstanding athlete, but a runner of exceptional skill pulling on all four wheels.

ABT Audi RS6 Avant