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The Devel Sixteen is a bit of a recluse – occasionally spotted and often only briefly so. We last saw a Sixteen in the Dubai desert last November when Supercar Blondie drove the prototype. Then again, it’s not like a hypercar as wild as a Devel Sixteen would be mass-produced. The company plans to build just seven examples, which makes the chances of spotting a Sixteen out in the wild precisely nil. The car has been around in various forms since 2013, which makes it feel a bit like vaporware; however, development and refinement has continued as the car continues to make its rounds.

The latest video is but another brief encounter with the elusive hypercar. The video shows the Devel Sixteen leisurely cruising down a two-lane desert road. It nearly disappears from view before the video ends. It’s not an exciting video, but few have shown the Sixteen in full action, which should be astounding whenever that does happen. 

Devel plans to develop three different versions of its hypercar. The base model – and “base” is used loosely – will use a V8 to produce approximately 2,000 horsepower (1,491 kilowatts). The mid-tier offering, which will be street-legal, will create 3,000 hp (2,237 kW) from its V16 engine. The top-tier, track-only offering, which uses a beefed-up version of the V16 in the mid-tier trim, will produce a staggering 5,000 hp (3,728 kW). That’s a lot of power and one reason why we’re eager for a video with the Sixteen going full tilt. 

Gallery: Devel Sixteen In Dubai

It’s not clear when the Devel Sixteen will hit the market. The car has been in development for the better part of a decade, and it’s made it further than other aspiring boutique hypercar makers. Creating 5,000 hp takes a significant effort, but the results could be spectacular.

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