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Nissan didn’t rush things over with the Juke as the first generation of the quirky small crossover was on the market for nearly a decade, which is unusual in today’s competitive market with life cycles getting shorter and shorter. It has been a massive commercial success for the company, with nearly one million units delivered just in Europe. It was retired from the United States to make room for the conventionally styled Kicks, but we’re sure some would like to see the second generation in North America.

Don't get your hopes up too high for a new high-performance Juke Nismo since Jérôme Grigny, regional product manager at Nissan Europe, told it's not going to happen. Emissions regulations are getting stricter on the Old Continent, so it would be difficult for Nissan to put a beefy engine that would comply with the tougher laws. One solution would be to install an electrified powertrain, but Nissan isn't planning a hybrid Juke Nismo for the time being.


Bigger yet lighter than the model it replaces, the new Juke is showing off its evolutionary exterior design in a series of videos. The revised appearance makes the crossover a bit more sophisticated while retaining that love/hate vibe. That striking Fuji Sunset color is a new addition to the range and it makes the vehicle’s styling pop even more, as do the large 19-inch wheels and the “floating roof” effect granted by the partially blacked-out rear pillar.

Courtesy of the N-Design grade package, there are lots of way to spruce up the new Juke by going for one of the many two-tone color options and combining them with customized bumpers and side sills. More spacious than before thanks to the larger footprint, the interior cabin can also be personalized by picking from one of the leather and Alcantara upholstery options.


Speaking of the interior, Nissan says quality has gone up a notch thanks to soft-touch materials on the door cards and dashboard, while those sporty front seats with Bose speakers built into the headrests lend the cabin an upscale feel.

Customer deliveries in Europe of the second-gen Juke are scheduled to start at the end of November. Like its predecessor, the funky crossover will be built in the U.K. at the Sunderland plant where a new Juke is built every 105 seconds.

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