Featuring a carbon-fibre folding roof, striking styling and crammed with innovative technology, this all-new design provides a fresh take on the world of executive cabriolets.

Citroen tests the waters with the new potential addition to the C5 range. Likely to go into production, the 4-seater drop top surges upmarket to compete with such executive cabriolet's as the BMW 6 Series, Porsche 911 Carrera, Jaguar XK and Mercedes SL.

One of the design highlights of the C5 Airscape is the fully automatic carbon fiber folding top with integrated sunroof and textile lining which simulates a canvas look. And inside, the center console controls use a touch sensitive membrane over the console buttons. The membrane has a skin-like texture which provides enhanced feel of controls in a manner one would imagine is similar to an LCD touch screen which only needs light touch as opposed to fully depressing a button.

Also being showcased is the UrbanHybrid power plant which uses a reverse alternator and starter with super capacitors (already seen in BMW's EfficientDynamics technology) to collect energy generated by the brakes during hard braking or deceleration. Such energy would be used to power auxiliary components such as air condition or stereo system. The UrbanHybrid system can also be used to boost engine torque temporarily when needed. Like most hybrid systems, the engine shuts down when standing still, however, the combustion engine is a bio-diesel 2.7HDi V6 engine with a particulate filter producing 208bhp at 4000 rpm and 440 Nm of torque at 1,900 rpm.

Another feature includes an wannabe all-wheel-drive system called “Snow Motion”. Sounding quite similar to VW's 4Motion AWD system, the Citroen uses enhanced electronic traction control to control slippage to all four wheels individually to the point where performance is “close to that of a four-wheel drive.”

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