Tested in a semi-controlled environment.

Top speed runs are always tricky to do without renting out a drag strip or an airport runway. Of course, doing it on an unrestricted stretch of the Autobahn is possible, but the number of vehicles and other variables don't make it any safer. Oh, and the Autobahn idea is completely out of the question if you don't live in Europe. But if you're as lucky as YouTube automotive sensation TheStradman, you have access to an undisclosed dry lake bed in Utah to go as fast as you want on; the only thing stopping you is running out of usable space. 

Gallery: 2020 Toyota Supra Goes For Top Speed Run, Does 163 MPH

In the video above, you'll see his one month old 2020 Toyota Supra taken out to his favorite proving ground. We've cut to the top speed run itself so you don't have to watch the whole thing, but you're free to watch the video in its entirety to get an idea on what kind of cars he has and for any garage updates. The dry lake bed that TheStradman uses isn't like the Bonneville Salt Flats; there's no salt concentration on the lake bed and he goes on by saying that he wouldn't drive his new Supra in that environment to begin with. He's already clocked in about 6,000 miles on his Supra, and the initial goal was to see if it could hit 170 miles per hour during his runs. 

The 335 horsepower turbocharged in-line 6 cylinder motor needs to get the Supra to top speed within two miles, as that's how much usable space there is for the car to run on. His first run had the Supra at just 145 miles per hour, prompting a second attempt in which the car was able to hit 163 miles per hour as indicated on the speedometer. I guess he found a way past that electronic limiter, eh?

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