Faith in humanity is restored.

The staff is packed with car fanatics, so we do what most car fanatics do when not out engaging in our own car-themed tomfoolery. We browse YouTube looking for cool car videos to share, and friends, we have one of the coolest clips of all time. It doesn’t involve drifting, burnouts, insane exotic car collections, or folks claiming to have bought “the cheapest Ferrari Lamborghini [insert random expensive car] in the world.” In fact, the people featured in this heartwarming video hold claim to buying the cheapest cars in the world. That’s because most were free, and some even came with a cash bonus. It’s time to turn on your heartlight and behold the generosity of MrBeast on YouTube.

It’s possible you’ve already seen this clip. That’s because it’s straight-up viral, garnering almost 12 million views in just 24 hours. The crux of the 16-minute video is simple – 12 used cars were purchased at regular pricing, then “resold” for free. Well, almost free – a Chevrolet Traverse was sold for $2, and a Toyota Venza went for a whopping 50 cents, though actually, the buyer didn’t have 50 cents on her so the car was discounted – you guessed it – by 50 cents.

Other buyers drove hard bargain. A lady was gobsmacked when she learned the silver Ford Fiesta’s $1,000 price tag was actually the money she would be given in addition to the car. She didn’t know what to say, so the offer quickly went up to $1,500. Three other people participated in a sit-in challenge where the last person to leave would get the car, but then two more cars appeared so everyone went home with a new ride. When the day was over, all 12 cars were “sold.”

Jimmy Donaldson is the YouTuber behind the MrBeast channel, and it’s filled with clips showing random cash giveaways and contests. In short, this guy simply loves making videos and paying it forward. With so many influencers throughout social media flaunting what they have, it's extraordinarily refreshing and moving to see someone flipping that trend on its head. These 12 cars reportedly cost over $100,000, and frankly, the world needs more kindness like this. Thanks for being awesome, Jimmy. 

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