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It's always smart to play it safe when someone is trying to sell something for free. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. In the age of endless internet scams and gullible consumers, anything advertised for free online should be viewed through a thick lens of skepticism. So, when a Craigslist ad for a 2000 Acura Integra Type R popped up online earlier this month, there was a hefty dose of cynicism. No one wants a Craigslist deal to turn sour. But the ad wasn't a scam, and the seller, uh giver, wanted the car gone. has been tracking the story from the initial Craigslist post to the owners' follow-up video detailing their acquisition. There is some uncertainty on it the car was actually free. The article says the car ended up costing $2,000, which would still be an incredible price for such a rare car.

The two guys who bought it made a video of the car after getting it home. It's not perfect, with plenty of blemishes, but the Carfax came back with no accidents and while the paint is faded, a victim of the California sun, there are no dents. The interior is near perfect with little wear. The car went for a full tuneup after they got it home – it's been sitting for four years. They were told they needed to trailer it, but they got it running, and it made it back home under its own power.

Few things are actually free. While the Integra's new owners are out some cash to get the car home and registered, they still have plenty of room to make a substantial return on their investment. The Integra Type R is rare with prices only going up as the sporty two-door gains notoriety among car collectors and enthusiasts. It's not perfect by any stretch, but some TLC could turn the small investment into a big payoff. 

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