Thanks to advancements in technology supercars today offer unprecedented levels of performance. Creating massive amounts of horsepower is easy. Putting all that power to the ground is easy, too, thanks to traction and stability control systems and launch control, which helps cars accelerate from a standstill. The video above is from inside a heavily modified Lamborghini Huracan. The video description says the Huracan is twin-turbocharged, and we believe it after watching the car in action.

The video is incredibly short at 22 seconds but immensely enjoyable. The Lamborghini accelerates at an insane rate, hitting 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) in just seven seconds. There are cars on sale today that can't reach half that speed in the same amount of time. But this isn't your typical car. This is a heavily modified. All we know is that it's turbocharged. We don't know if it uses the same 5.2-liter V10 your standard Huracan comes with or what other modifications were done to increase performance.

What the video lacks in length it makes up for in audio quality. The video opens with the Lamborghini bouncing off the rev limiter before the driver unleashes all of the Huracan's horsepower and torque. First gear whizzes by with engine noise; however, the whine of the turbochargers enters when it shifts into second gear, the two sounds melding into a symphony of automotive perfection as the Huracan bangs through the gears until a smidge above 124 mph when the driver lets off the gas.

Videos like these are fascinating to watch. We can see the speedometer rocket to illegal speeds, and yet we feel disconnected from it. Driving is a sensory experience. The sound is just but one part of the overall encounter that many of us incessantly enjoy. There's the feeling of acceleration – you feel the front of the car lift, the weight in the middle of your chest pushing you into the seat — your heart races. The video is thrilling to watch, but there's no substitute for the driver's seat.

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