Locally designed and built, TRD Aurion is the most powerful Toyota ever seen in Australia. It will sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 6.1 seconds and is speed-limited to a maximum of 250km/h.

Toyota adds umph to line-up

A lack of an enthusiast car has been an ongoing issue at Toyota, but with the new TRD Aurion Toyota inserts a healthy dosis of style, passion and performance into its Australian line-up. Australia is the first country to have TRD (Toyota Racing Development) as a stand-alone brand under the Toyota umbrella, instead of TRD being available only for separate tuning products. Which leaves us hoping that TRD will branch out to Europe and the US in the future and delight us with supercharged street-legal, high spec Toyota's too.

The TRD Aurion, to be followed by the TRD HiLux, is powered by a supercharged version of the standard Aurion 3.5 liter V6, producing 241kW (323 hp) and 400Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The engine has been developed by Eaton and is mated with a six-speed automatic. The TRD Aurion is aimed at the car enthusiast, but Toyota wouldn't be Toyota if the car would not suit just about any customer. Mr Buttner: “There is a significant market among people who want the combination of power and performance as well as fuel efficiency and control. TRD Aurion is the car for them."

The TRD Aurion comes in two guises, namely the 3500S and 3500SL, both are powered by the same engine. The 3500S is equipped with a sports suspension, 19-inch wheels and special TRD body kit. The 3500SL comes with some additional features like Smart Entry, Smart Start, full leather interior, parking sensors and dual-zone airconditioning. Pricing starts at AUD 56,990 for the 3500S, strategically positioned below the luxury-car threshold.

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