Lamborghini will reveal in Geneva a new V12-powered concept which might be front mid-engined.

In Geneva we shall see not only "the fastest car Lamborghini has ever produced”, but also "something truly extraordinary that's based on the V12." The concept will not be based on the Aventador and will have two seats and two doors, according to the firm's chairman Stephan Winkelmann.

It is speculated that Lamborghini is previewing a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta rival by introducing a front mid-engined concept which will feature the company's forged carbon construction and four-wheel drive system.

Winkelmann mentioned his priority right now is to convince the big boys at VW Group to green-light the Urus. He is confident Lamborghini will be able to sell between 3,000 and 4,000 units annually and if approved for production, the SUV will cost "approximately the same amount as a Gallardo" so it will be priced between 190,000 USD and 250,000 USD.

Winkelmann said the company's sports cars will remain naturally aspirated, but a "hybrid turbo would make more sense" in reference to an SUV.

Note: Lamborghini Estoque concept pictured

Gallery: Lamborghini to unveil front mid-engined concept in Geneva - report

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