The 2020 Jeep Gladiator has only been on sale for a few months, but the midsize pickup truck is already proving to be a gold mine for Mopar as accessories are in high demand. While the average Wrangler buyer spends approximately $800 customizing the off-roader with various extras, the Gladiator customer shells out $200 more.

How was the truck able to become an accessories king in such a short time frame? Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ division Mopar made sure it had nearly all of the accessories available from day one. Indeed, Kim Mathers, Mopar's head of performance and accessories, told Automotive News that more than 90% of the items compatible with the Gladiator were available at Jeep dealers the moment the truck went on sale.

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Mopar made the necessary preparations before the vehicle’s market launch as it knew customers would want to customize the Ford Ranger competitor with a few accessories. These extra goodies are popular among off-road enthusiasts and also with people in the market for a truck. With the Gladiator being a blend of both worlds, FCA through its Mopar division was well aware it had a cash cow in its portfolio.

From a $13 Hitch Receiver Plug with Jeep Logo to a $4,678 Jeep Performance Front Axle, the Mopar catalog tailored to the Gladiator has a wide variety of accessories. Kim Mathers mentioned lift kits and protective rock rails are particularly popular among buyers, but there’s more to come to further capitalize on the high demand these accessories are enjoying.

To make sure it meets the needs of customers, Mopar is paying close attention to consumer feedback it receives from various events where accessorized Gladiators are typically displayed. These include annual events such as SEMA in Las Vegas and Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

Gladiator buyers are not only paying extra on accessories, but are also willing to reach deeper into their pockets to tick more boxes on the options list. Back in May, the typical customer paid about $56,403, which is quite a lot of dough when you take into account the base model starts at $33,545. Truth be told, many of them were the $60,815 Launch Edition of which only 4,190 units were available and all sold within 24 hours.

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