For all automotive crack heads out there this article will, admittedly, be a bit of a letdown, since it wont talk about LSD parties in Ibiza, but rather about Lamborghini-style wing doors (LSD) by that can now be fitted on two of the most conventional hatchbacks on the market; the Ford Fiesta and the Seat Ibiza.

The conversion kit, certified to meet all safety standards by German TÜV, is available for all three-door Seat Ibiza 6L models, from 2002 to present, and all three-door Ford Fiesta JD 3 models from November 2001 to present. For either car, the kit will set you back 1,299 euros ($1,750) in Germany.

Hardly a surprise, LSD thinks they've got the best retrofit wing door set on the market, due to superior sound engineering and "highest-possible standard of quality." Moreover, a testing laboratory accredited by the Federal Motoring Bureau (Kraftfahrbundesamt) in Germany demonstrated that the wing doors were as safe as the standard production car doors in a side-crash test. Check for availability at your closest LSD retailer at

Let us know what you think! Have you got wing doors fitted on your car or would you ever consider getting a wing door kit?

LSD Gives Your Ibiza and Fiesta Wings