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GMC has made a big deal about its new carbon fiber pickup bed being tough. Back in May, the automaker released a video showing all kinds of stuff being tossed at the lightweight bed with nary a mark. Actually, there were few marks but no damage to speak of, which was pretty darned impressive considering we saw everything from a sledgehammer to a big barrel chucked at the bed. However, the video came from GMC, so of course it was only going to show the best possible result. What about real-world abuse?

That’s where the folks at The Fast Lane Truck come in. They managed to get ahold of a new GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro Edition, and they literally threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. There are no pulling punches here, as the test starts off with a heavy (and pointy) boat anchor getting tossed from a distance. Cinder blocks, 55-gallon drums, and other items assault the bed, but our favorite test has to be the chain saw. No, they don’t fire it up for some gratuitous destruction, but it is dropped point first from a few feet in the air.

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How did the bed hold up? To no real surprise, the Sierra took all the abuse with just a few small scuffs to show for it. Items bounced up and around – with one bouncing up and nicking the plastic trim on the passenger side bed rail – but nothing bent, dinged, snapped, or otherwise damaged the bed in any way. Honestly, we suspect steel or aluminum would not have endured this barrage with such dignity.

Then again, you’ll pay handsomely for this kind of durability. The GMC Sierra AT4 CarbonPro Edition has a price that starts at more than $66,000. The upscale Denali exceeds $70,000, and though GMC says the carbon fiber bed will eventually be offered on other models, right now this is the only way to get it.

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