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New DeLorean production confirmed

John DeLorean's brainchild had its fifteen minutes of fame in the Back to the Future trilogy as Doc Browns's home-made  flux-capacitor time machine. The DeLorean DMC-12 was produced between early 1981 and late 1982 and sold approximately 9200 units of which now about 6500 remain on the roads. In 1982, after John DeLorean was accused of cocaine trafficing, the DeLorean Motor Company closed its doors and all parts were shipped off to a warehouse in Texas, which eventually were bought by the current owners in 1995. For twelve years now the new DeLorean Company has been supplying and manufacturing parts for the classic DeLorean cars.

Today the Detroit News delivers the good news that the DeLorean will go back into production, at a rate of one or two hand-built units per month. Production will commence in the third quarter of next year with first deliveries expected in the first quarter of 2009 and should cost USD 57,500.

Stylingwise the car remains mostly unchanged from the original, but engine and interior will get updated to what is standard for this day and age. Five dealerships in the USA and one in Europe will have the new DeLorean for sale when they roll of the production line.

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