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With 308 horsepower (230 kilowatts) and 275 pound-feet (373 Newton-meters) of torque for the 3.6-liter V6 model, the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 isn’t lacking power.’s Managing Editor, Brandon Turkus, even pointed out in his latest review of the 2018 ZR2 that the performance truck is “eager to get moving and has an abundance of torque throughout the rev range despite its 4,000 rpm peak.” Simply put, the pickup delivers exactly what it promises but some customers will definitely ask for more – and, fortunately, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering can give you that more power.

The tuner has a new program for the ZR2 equipped with the 3.6-liter unit, which adds an Edelbrock supercharger. The company told MuscleCarsAndTrucks that the compressor will increase the horsepower rating of the engine by at least 35 percent, which means a healthy gain of about 108 hp (80 kW). Doing the simple math means the V6 will now offer in the region of 416 hp (310 kW). The company also explained the performance package is emissions-compliant in all 50 states of the country.

“When we did the kit… we wanted to enhance the truck in a way where it didn’t just make horsepower, but it was usable power so they could do things like towing, and to add equipment like bigger tires,” Lingenfelter COO and Vice President, Mark Rapson, told our source. Rapson basically confirmed the tuning is focused on increased towing and off-road capability instead of pure straight-line performance.

The truck will continue to work with the ZR2’s stock Multimatic DSSV suspension and tires. For now, no other technical details are known but we expect to hear back from the company with photos of the actual build and performance data very soon. MuscleCarsAndTrucks also points out the tuning package will be available for several 3.6 V6-powered models of General Motors, including the Chevrolet Camaro V6 and GMC Canyon.

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