The repair bill for Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 has been revealed and it's the largest ever in UK, more than three times bigger compared to previous most expensive bill.

The famous Mr. Bean actor crashed his McLaren F1 in August 2011 while driving on the A605 when he lost control of the supercar on a slippery patch near Peterborough. Atkinson suffered a shoulder injury while the car was seriously damaged. Mechanics needed no less than four weeks to calculate repair costs.

The whole repair job cost a whopping 910,000 GBP and was done in approximately one year. Atkinson is now driving his beloved F1 once again, an experience which he characterized like "putting a family sweater on."

As a reminder, this wasn't the first time when Atkinson crashed his F1, as back in 2009 he had a close encounter with a Rover Metro which he front-ended. 

Gallery: Rowan Atkinson's McLaren F1 cost insurers 910,000 GBP to repair

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