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Power Wheels are often the first chance that kids have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, but a new video proves that with some extensive fabrication, these cars can be exciting for adults, too. This guy builds a custom kart out of a Porsche 911 Power Wheels that packs the engine out of a KTM 450 dirt bike to create a little ride that looks like a lot of fun. 

The builder deserves a lot of credit for his fabrication ability, and the project isn't even done yet. The single-cylinder engine sits in front and has a custom exhaust header routes out the back like on a real-world 911. A little fuel cell keeps the powerplant going and has a filler coming out the side of the body. At the back, there's a hilariously huge wing, and the engine's radiator attaches to the back of it. The little rig rides on a set of ultra-wide tires that perfectly suit this Porsche's aggressive, yet diminutive aesthetic.

Driving this thing looks like a blast. The builder uses the steering wheel from a Honda Odyssey (the buggy, not the minivan) and mounts the throttle to a thumb trigger on the right side. The vehicle has a six-speed gearbox that the driver shifts with a clutch handle on the wheel and gearshift on the floor. Like on the dirt bike, the front and rear brakes have separate controls.

Given the short wheelbase and ample power, the little Porsche kicks out the rear at the slightest provocation. However, it appears quite controllable. To get a taste of the experience behind the wheel, check out the video below where the Porsche races around a dirt track with some other custom Power Wheels.


The next steps for this build are to fabricate a hood to cover the engine and possibly create a suspension because the current setup without one can be back-breaking. Wrapping some of the hot pieces in the cabin would make driving this thing more comfortable, too.

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