The current models showcase how automotive technology will look in the near future: the Corsa Hybrid concept car uses innovative technology

World premiere at IAA 2007

GM, and in particular Opel, have the best of intentions for the environment at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show judging by the amount of hybrid and less ecologically demanding cars they will present. The latest addition to this line-up is the Opel Corsa Hybrid Concept which uses a hybrid diesel, namely the 1.3 liter 75hp CDTI diesel combined with a lithium-ion battery. The Corsa Hybrid Concept will debut GM's next-generation belt-alternator starter technology which is in a large part responsible for the low fuel consumption (estimated at 3,75 liters per 100 km). CO2 emissions are also kept low at 99 g/km.

Another eco car making its debut at the 62nd IAA is the Vectra Flexpower, powered by a 2,0 liter turbocharged E85 flexfuel (bioethanol mixed with gasoline) engine producing 175 hp with 265 Nm torque at 2500 rpm.

Opel is also kicking off its EcoFlex offensive at the show with the launch of the Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI EcoFlex. The 1.3 CDTI engine, which received the Engine of the Year award in the 1.0 to 1.4 liter class, requires only 4,5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers while emitting 119g/km of CO2. The Opel Meriva and Astra are expected to join the EcoFlex range using the same engine.

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