Buick is bolstering its lineup in China with new models, refreshed offerings, and more. But Buick’s product assault isn’t done yet. There are now leaked images of a new Buick Enclave that will be exclusive to the Chinese market to start. However, it’s different than the Enclave built elsewhere – it’s smaller in size. GM Authority discovered the photos that Auto Home appears to have leaked initially, giving us our first look at the new offering. 

According to GM Authority, the new “baby” Buick Enclave rides on GM’s C1 platform, which underpins the Chevy Blazer and Cadillac XT6. The trio share the same 112.7-inch wheelbase. The new Chinese Enclave is 8.2 inches shorter in length and wheelbase compared to the North American Enclave. However, this will be Buick’s largest offering in the Asian country while also being its first three-row offering there. Powering the new, different Enclave is GM’s turbocharged 2.0-liter, which pairs with GM’s nine-speed automatic. 

The new Enclave looks like a Buick, even if it does feature an evolution of the brand’s current design. As GM Authority notes, the new Enclave looks similar to the current Blazer sold in the U.S, especially at the front with its split lighting elements. The thin-slit lights are daytime running lights while the lights lower on the fascia are the headlights. At the rear, the new Enclave is similar to the North American version with a strip of chrome connecting the separate elements, even if it’s a bit less intricate. 

Gallery: Buick Enclave China

There’s no indication Buick will bring the smaller Chinese-market Enclave to North America. If Buick does decide to bring it stateside, it will slot between the Envision and current Enclave. However, if that happens, expect the North American Enclave to become the Enclave GX while the Chinese Enclave takes the standalone name – at least that’s what could happen. In the meantime, Chinese customers will have a new crossover offering to choose from soon.

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