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Automakers that once dabbled with sports cars, sedans, and other low-slung vehicles are now moving full-speed ahead into producing crossovers and SUVs. Customers are flocking to the high-riding vehicles, and companies are scrambling to offer such products. Aston Martin is one such company even though it's a bit late to the party. Aston is preparing to debut its DBX SUV, and a new teaser from the automaker, mimicking the opening title sequence from a James Bond movie, says it'll debut sometime in December. 

The teaser does its best Bond impression with soft music, silhouetted shadows, extreme closeups, and dazzling colors. Aston is hinting that the DBX will have just as much soul and personality as its cars, and the teaser ends with a clear shot of a DBX in silhouette. But this hasn't been our only look at the new SUV. 

Back in July, during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston brought its high-riding people mover to the famous hill climb event. While it was draped in yellow and gray camouflage, the outing gave us a decent look at the offering. The car was clearly a prototype, with the mule missing several final production bits. However, we did get to hear the DBX's throaty AMG-sourced, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8, expected to be the only engine available at launch. 

Gallery: Aston Martin DBX prototype at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The DBX is a departure for the automaker, but it sounds like Aston wants to keep the fun. A report from last month suggested the automaker could include a drift mode on the SUV. While there was no confirmation, Aston Martin's Senior Manager of Vehicle Dynamics Ian Hartley did say he was "all for drift mode." We'll have to wait for the official reveal later this ear to see if the DBX offers it. The DBX will do wonders for Aston's sales numbers and profits, which should translate into more cool sports cars down the road. 

Source: Aston Martin via YouTube

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