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When Chevrolet released full pricing details about the new mid-engine Corvette C8, everyone was pleased to hear the supercar will kick off at $59,995 including destination charge. Our team went through the new Corvette's pricing and options line by line, trim by trim in episode #20 of our podcast series and concluded the new Corvette C8 is perhaps the best performance bargain we've seen in the last decade, if not this century. Apparently, the situation will change drastically after the first model year, which basically means the vehicle will be more expensive for 2021.

“A well-placed source” told MotorTrend the Corvette C8 will lose its sub-$60,000 price sticker for the 2021 model year, similar to what happened with the C7 back in 2013 and 2014. At this point, we have no exact information about the pricing for the 2021 model year but it’s probably safe to say the entry-level price will go up by at least $1,500. While that’s a bit disappointing, it probably won’t ruin the car’s performance bargain status.

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In fact, such a move doesn’t come as a huge surprise. As MotorTrend points out, by announcing a starting price below $60,000, Chevrolet did a great job of promoting the new Corvette, which was designed from the ground up and finally switched to a mid-engine layout. The price tag is lower than what everyone expected and this fact generated a lot of buzz and got everyone’s attention. After all, that’s a mere $3,000 more than the current car.

It will be very interesting to see what the price hike will bring and we expect some shifts within the new Corvette’s range. Probably some additional trim levels will be introduced, while some of the already existing ones could get additional equipment. Of course, you can still get a Corvette C7 for less money if you prefer the old-school front-engine layout.

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