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The future of the Lamborghini Aventador is uncertain. While a successor is absolutely going to happen in the next few years, the overall concept idea is unclear at the moment. Some reports say the Sant'Agata-based manufacturer could switch its flagship supercar from a V12 engine to a hybridized V8 power but that’s just a rumor for now. We know for sure the replacement of today’s model is not coming soon and the brand’s latest addition to the Aventador lineup comes only to prove that. Still, we are impatient to see what the new Aventador could look like.

To help us with our phantasies, designer TheSketchMonkey proposes a design for Lamborghini’s new-generation flagship supercar. In the video above, he explains some of the characteristics of Lambo’s corporate design and uses design cues from recent concepts of the brand to shape a possible look for the new Aventador. It’s probably safe to say the designer takes a relatively conservative approach despite the obvious influences from the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio concept. The result is a sharp, modern-looking supercar with near-perfect proportions and an aggressive stance. And it’s definitely closer to a production vehicle than some of the previous Lamborghini renderings we’ve seen.

Gallery: New Lamborghini Aventador rendering

We know the new Aventador won’t disappoint us when it arrives and if it has anything in common with this virtual concept here, we’ll be very happy. Judging by the reports from the last few months, Lamborghini will push back the launch of the new model to 2022 or even 2024, which means we’ll have to wait patiently for at least another three to four years. It will be interesting to see whether Lamborghini will introduce yet another mid-cycle facelift for its top-tier supercar to keep it competitive until the new generation model arrives.

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